Statistical Factbook, January 2014

The CSUSB Statistical Factbook provides detailed statistical summaries and historical data on enrollment, degrees awarded, demographics by major and college.

University Enrollment

The version of the Factbook you are now reading reflects significant changes to statistical data reporting. Historically, a fulltime equivalent student (FTES) comprises 15 units per quarter (45 per year). The year 2006-07 brought a differentiation for students in Master’s programs for whom 12 units is now defined as one FTES. Since Fall 2007, a doctoral student advanced to candidacy is defined as one FTES regardless of the number of units. The CSU System has also begun differentiating between California Residents and Non-Residents so a Residency distinction has been included on several tables. Also, majors in this Factbook are now reported as Academic Plan (local), rather than the traditional CSU Hegis majors, to make the Factbook relevant to colleges. Finally, Fall 2009 reflects a new coding of ethnicity mandated by the Federal government. While some tables provide historical statistics based on the current coding rules, most tables will reflect the definitions in effect at those past times.

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