The Office of Institutional Research (IR) at California State University, San Bernardino collaborates with the campus community in support of strategic planning, enrollment planning, assessment, and continuous improvement through consultative program design and timely dissemination of reliable information. Our goals are:

1: Provide expertise and support for program design, assessment, and continuous improvement.

2: Develop, provide, and maintain timely and accurate institutional data to internal and external audiences.

3: Conduct project-based research and analyses.

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This office adheres to the Code of Ethics by the Association for Institutional Research. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Institutional Research institutional_research@csusb.edu directly or call 909.537.5052, 909.537.7069 fax.

Our Student Population

As of fall 2015, CSUSB has a student population of 20,024 (FTES 17,465), 85% from San Bernardino and Riverside counties, 7% from other California counties, 7% from other countries, and <1% from out-of-state. Of the 20,024 students, 12,173 (61%) are female and 7,851 (39%) are male. Eighty-eight percent of students are seeking an undergraduate degree, 84% attend on a full-time basis, 84% are first generation college students (parents without a bachelor's degree); 57% are Hispanic, 15% are White, 6% are African American, 7% are non-resident foreign students, and 6% are Asian. Twenty-four percent of our students are freshmen, 12% are sophomores, 25% are juniors, 27% are seniors, 2% are post-baccalaureate students, 9% are masters, and <1% are doctoral students. Sixty-two percent of our undergraduates are low-income students (Pell Grant recipients). Average age for our undergraduate students is 22 and 33 for our graduate/post-baccalaureate students. Our current student success measures are as follows: first-to-second year retention rate of first time full-time freshmen is 87%, four year graduation rate is 10% and six-year graduation rate is 51%. In terms of remediation for first time freshmen, 69% of students required some form of Math and/or English remediation at admission: 38% needed both Math and English, 17% needed Math only, and 14% needed English only.


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