The Office of Institutional Research at California State University, San Bernardino is committed to the generation and dissemination of reliable reports and studies in a timely manner including efficient reporting to various constituencies, evaluation of our institution through survey research and data analysis, and collaboration with our academic leaders in support of decision-making, assessment, and quality improvement.

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This office adheres to the Code of Ethics by the Association for Institutional Research.

If you have any questions or requests, please feel free to contact Institutional Research directly at institutional_research@csusb.edu. Here is the Organizational Chart for the Office of Institutional Research.

Assistant Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness and
Director of Institutional Research: Muriel C. Lopez-Wagner, Ph.D.

5500 University Parkway, Admin 170

San Bernardino, CA 92407-2397
Phone 909.537.5052
Fax 909.537.7069

Assistant Director: Tanner Carollo, M.A.
Phone 909.537.3066

Institutional Effectiveness Associate: Joanna Oxendine, M.Ed.
Phone 909.537.3750

Research Technician: Allan Taing, B.A.
Phone 909.537.7067

Research Technician: Brandon Aragon, B.S.
Phone 909.537.3364

Administrative Support: Monica Villarruel, B.A.
Phone 909.537.5052